Grumpfish Battle Watch

Everyone knows grumpiness comes in highly nuanced forms. Let everyone around you know what you're about with your very own Grumpfish Battle Watch. It's like Yokai Watch, but super judgmental, unanimously pessimistic, and wants you goddamn kids to stop tapping on it's motherfuckin' fish bowl D;

Confide in your Grumpfish as your BFF who never hesitates to tell you when your optimism is misplaced! Train it to read other Grumpfish for filth! Confuse your coworkers with your new brightly coloured watch that is absolutely not impressed by any of them!

If you meet another Grumpfish in real life, HIGHLANDER RULES apply. Or maybe your fish won't care and they'll just roll around giving each other side eye. Which is basically a Grumpfish death brawl so MAKE YOUR BETS ♥

Please Note!

Shipping is free on this item specifically! If you have the option to select Dropshipping from the menu, do it! Selecting shipping options that cost money will not get your item there faster. ♥ Product ships from the manufacturer overseas. Production time is 3-7 business days. Delivery time is 5-17 business days. It takes a while to make a Grumpfish that salty so thank you for your patience! ♥


Movement Original High Quality Japanese Quartz
Case High Strength Wear-resistant Metal
Rear Belts Environmentally synthetic polyester
Band Black Genuine Leather
Dial Diameter 34 mm
Thickness 7.8mm
Gender Unisex


Category: Apparel, grumpfish, unisex, watch, wearable, wristwear

Type: Watch

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